Beth Martin

I hail from a very typical yet totally wonderful Midwest family, most of who reside in Steubenville, Ohio. Incidentally, this is also the birthplace of my favorite crooner of all time, Dean Martin! I met John, my husband of 25 years, at The Ohio State University. Nursing for me and Business/ROTC for him. Eventually the Air Force brought us west; hence, Colorado Springs has been our home for more than 20 years! We love Ohio State Football- “Go Buckeyes”! And our family would not be complete without Nora, the cutest Cairn terrier in the country!

I collect vintage pottery and dinnerware and I love to entertain. Intimate dinner parties and laugh riot game nights are a must, as well as classic movie nights and fondue with friends.

One November afternoon long ago while shopping at Rich Designs, I swooned over a white pumpkin perched prettily on the front counter. Greg and Rich made it a gift as I left and I was smitten… with white pumpkins and with them! When a serious desire of a career change became a priority, I turned to Greg and Rich… they actually took a chance and hired me! I went from cranky overworked nurse to serene retail salesperson! After 10 years at Rich Designs I made the switch to I Saw it First, and love it! Guiding others to find their treasure (and finding some of my own!) is a daily joy!

p.s. when your shopping at either store you may hear the staff call me Lynette, Nettie, Bethany, Batty or even Nettie Nook-Nook! I answer to all of the above. I guess a girl can’t have too many nicknames… it equals affection!